A Heartfelt Thank You...

For over the past 20 years, Baisch and Skinner has genuinely enjoyed supporting our customers throughout the Phoenix area and are grateful for the opportunity to have served you all. Nonetheless, as the marketplace changes we need to change with it. As customers continue to trend towards shopping virtually and with persistent challenges in supporting the Phoenix store adequately from our distribution warehouses in St. Louis, the logical conclusion for us is to close our Phoenix facility and re‐direct our efforts at serving those customers via our web store: www.baischandskinner.com. Therefore, we will be closing our Phoenix facility effective Friday, February 20th, 2015.

This certainly was a difficult decision for us. As Baisch and Skinner continues to expand its customer service virtually through internet sales we have come to understand that it is no longer necessary nor feasible to maintain a physical, store front presence in the Phoenix market. Our website offers a wonderful selection of product, in an easy‐to‐shop online experience. We hope you visit it soon!

We also hope you stay in touch. Our St. Louis headquarters is where all of our web store orders are shipped from. If you have any decorative or floral supply questions, please contact Kathryn or Glenn in our Marketplace at 314‐664‐1212. The same goes for our fresh flowers. If you wish to inquire about FedEx shipping out of St. Louis for your fresh needs, we have competitive shipping prices and Roger Nelson, our Sales Manager, would be happy to take your questions at 314‐664‐1212.

As always, we will be in touch via Facebook, Instagram, and emails. If you wish to no longer receive these emails, you can hit the “Unsubscribe” button that appears at the bottom of every email we send.

A heartfelt thanks to all of you who have supported our efforts in the Phoenix market over the years by visiting our store there. We wish you all the best.

- Baisch and Skinner

Phoenix, AZ

Our last day open will be Friday, February 20th.
Wednesday, February 18th: 8am - 4pm
Thursday, February 19th: 8am - 4pm
Friday, February 20th: 8am - 4pm

525 West Turney
Phoenix, AZ 85013
Ph: 602-285-0888
Fax: 602-264-6431

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